About Us

Healthy Horizons is a free health advocacy magazine which is distributed throughout the Southeast U. S. The team at Healthy Horizons is committed to providing health education geared toward the prevention (including health and wellness promotion), early detection (engaging in consistent efforts that promote health and wellness) and prompt treatment of disease.

The team at Healthy Horizons is passionate regarding active living and quality of life. This commitment is reflected in the magazine. The magazine is filled with articles related to promoting a healthy lifestyle through “continual engagement” in active living.

Health advocacy focuses on answering health related questions and providing consumers of health care with education so they can make informed decisions in regards to healthy living, seeking appropriate healthcare when needed and providing community resources to enhance positive outcomes. The editorial in the magazine is written by a group of nurse practitioners, doctors and Doctoral prepared nurse educators.

The magazine is distributed throughout the local market area in hospitals, physician offices, wellness centers, pharmacies, health clubs, chamber of commerce’s, retirement communities, assisted livings, health fair events, community events, and other select locations.