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Healthy Horizons is a community health and wellness magazine which is distributed free throughout the Southeast U. S. The team at Healthy Horizons is committed to providing health education geared toward the prevention, early detection and prompt treatment of disease. Quality of life is promoted through publication of evidence based articles and identification of community resources which can positively impact an individual's health status.

What does being healthy mean? We at Healthy Horizons are convinced that being healthy is not defined by the absence of disease only.  It is our overall state of well being.  We contribute to our well being by being active and eating properly. We often forget that doing things we enjoy and relaxing is also a huge contribution to our overall well being. Our excuse for not getting out and doing these fun things is always because we do the same things over and over. Not anymore! Over the course of the next few weeks you are going to see Healthy Horizons become Healthier. We are implementing a new weekly digital publication that will be full of ideas and information on things you can do to get out and get healthy.

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